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University-Industry Collaboration

I. Ranked First in University-Industry Collaboration

The College performs very well in terms of its University-Industry Collaboration, both in number of projects and in revenues, ranked first over past three years by the university. The majority of our collaborative projects as yet has come from the public or government sectors and we endeavor to increase collaborative projects from the industry, the private sector. We will continue to strengthen our performances in this regard, building our good reputation with industries, thereby providing good internship opportunities for our students. We encourage our faculty to engage in this university-industry collaboration projects to gain practical skills and knowledge for their teaching and research. We also use this university-industry collaboration projects to help foster in our students the spirit of entrepreneurship, developing in this manner their ability to become a “maker”. In the wake of the government’s “New Southbound Policy,” we will extend our collaboration with Asia University Hospital and Asia University Museum of Modern Arts, two affiliations, as well as with industries overseas.   

 II. Some Key Performance Indexes of the Past 3 Years  in University-Industry Collaboration

Some Major University-Industry Collaboration Projects in the year 2021(As yet June 17,2021)

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 III. College Strengths in University-Industry Collaboration

  1. The College performs excellently in terms of university-industry collaboration, especially collaboration with the public or government sectors, and our performance in this regard was ranked first in the university, with steady growth in revenues annually.
  2. Our faculty’s participation rate in University-Industry Collaboration remains high, with more than two thirds of teachers involved in the projects.
  3. The College has maintained excellent relationship with industries in both private and public sectors, helping in this manner achieve high contract renewal rate.
  4. Our University-Industry Collaboration projects have helped students gain practical skills and knowledge becauase they are provided with many opportunities to do internship, bridging in this manner the gap between their academic acquisition and the market needs.
  5. The College is promoting 3+1 (one year internship in a 4-year study period) or 7+1 (one semester internship in a total of eight semesters of study) internship, increasing in this manner the number of collaborative projects and their revenues from the private sector.
  6. The government’s “New Southbound Policy” helps extend our university-industry collaboration overseas, especially the cooperation with Taiwanese companies in ASEAN nations.