Asia University Has been Selected as an "Excellent University for Educational Achievements” for Ten Consecutive Years.

  • 2024-03-15
  • 人社院工讀生
The commentary from "Cheers" magazine states: Asia University is very quick to respond to global trends by focusing on AI as its driving force.

Asia University, Taiwan, has been selected as a "2024 University with Outstanding Performance and Growth," making it onto the list for ten consecutive years. According to a commentary from Cheers magazine, Asia University has demonstrated its ability to respond  rapidly to global trends by focusing on AI as its driving force. It actively collaborates with the industry to promote AI general education, interdisciplinary learning, and experiential learning across the entire university, cultivating students' ability apply their knowledge and skills in artificial intelligence. Vice President Teng Cheng-lian represented the university to receive the award on March 15th, 2024.

Cheers magazine explains that the survey involved distributing questionnaires to the presidents of 140 Taiwan universities, asking them to recommend three universities that have shown significant progress or growth in recent years. A total of 106 university presidents recommended between one and three universities, with 18 universities making it onto the list.

螢幕擷取畫面 2024-04-08 104413The magazine points out that there are three key factors for inclusion in the list: industry-academia collaboration, sustainability implementation, and innovative flexibility. In this survey, nearly 70% of university presidents agreed that the emergence of generative AI is causing the most significant transitions and impact on university education in the past decade. One of the main reasons for Asia University's inclusion in the list is its proactive approach to using AI as the driving force of the university. The board of directors demonstrates foresight and decision-making ability, allowing the university to respond quickly to changes in global trends.

The commentary also points out that Asia University continues to recruit internationally renowned scholars from various fields to serve as lecturers, enhancing the perspectives of both faculty and students and raising the school's profile. Asia University has established academic research centers in areas such as big data, AI artificial intelligence, financial technology and blockchain, 3D printing in medicine, and semiconductors, to enhance the research capabilities of faculty and students.

Liu Fengzhen, General Manager of the Business Group of Cheers magazine, observed that this evaluation is about to enter its 10th year, and the evaluation criteria have become more strict. Analyzing the current use of generative AI by various universities, it is observed that workshops, online and offline courses, establishment of learning centers, and integration of generative AI into the curriculum are the main foci. However, the fundamental should be human-centered rather than technology-driven, with all faculty and students having digital literacy.

螢幕擷取畫面 2024-04-08 104834Vice President Teng Cheng-lian accepted the award on behalf of Asia University, stating that Asia University is moving towards a new milestone of becoming one of "world's best universities ", with leading rankings in various disciplines, indicating recognition of its educational performance both domestically and internationally. Asia University has been ranked among the "World's Best Universities" by the Times Higher Education (THE) for ten consecutive years. In the "2024 World University Subject Rankings," it performed outstandingly in three major areas, ranking first among private universities in Taiwan in one area and second in two other areas. Additionally, 19 professors were listed as "Top 2% Scientists in the World." Asia University strives to continue becoming   a world-class university.

Vice President Teng pointed out that Asia University proclaims itself an AI university, “the cradle of intelligent healthcare and wellness industry!" In the era of generative AI, the university has made extensive efforts in teaching, research, and industry-academia collaboration. Under the leadership of President Jeffrey J. P., the entire university has invested in generative AI education, establishing the Amazon AWS "Cloud Creation Academy," NVIDIA international certification courses, collaborating with laboratories at Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and setting up the "AMD Logic and Computing Laboratory" in collaboration with AMD. These efforts aim to promote AI courses, research, and industry collaboration, enabling both teachers and students to become familiar with this new AI technology and apply it in teaching, learning, research, and industry cooperation, leading the way in grasping the future trends.
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