Asia University Nursing College's USR Project Clinches 2nd Place in Taichung's "Golden Care Awards"

  • 2024-04-15
  • 人社院工讀生
Establishment of the Bei-Liu Memory Station as a Pioneer in Dementia Care Centers Earns Recognition

Asia University Nursing College's "Sustainable Aging Dementia-Friendly Inclusive Community" USR project has pioneered the establishment of the Bei-Liu Memory Station in the Wufeng District. In its first participation in the highly esteemed Taichung Golden Care Awards, dubbed the "Oscars of the Long-Term Care Sector," the project stood out among 152 competing entries, clinching the 2nd place in the Group Excellence C Site category.

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Dean of Nursing College, Prof. Hua-Shan Wu, remarked that the Bei-Liu Memory Station was established under the guidance of the university's USR team four years ago. It stands as the first and currently the only community-based dementia care center in the Wufeng District. Initially certified to care for six elderly individuals diagnosed with mild to moderate dementia by the Health Bureau, its capacity has gradually expanded to accommodate 12 dementia patients, alleviating the caregiving burden on families in the Wufeng District.

Dean Wu highlighted the evidence-based USR practice initiated by the Asia University nursing college's team at the Bei-Liu Memory Station. This involved leveraging the combined capacities and resources of faculty and students from various departments, including nursing, psychology, medical technology, social work, media, sports, and the modern art museum, to introduce therapeutic memory/nostalgia board games, stress-relief therapy, horticultural therapy, music therapy, art therapy, aerobic fitness dance, and Mediterranean diet preparation activities. Additionally, they launched the "Elderly Dementia Friendly Art x Museum Prescription" initiative, encouraging dementia patients to venture outdoors and participate in group art therapy sessions and exhibitions at the university's museum of modern art, actively engaging under the guidance and encouragement of art therapy specialists. The unique artworks created by the elderly residents were also showcased at the museum.

Executive Director Yung-Tai Hsu of the Bei-Liu Memory Station noted that the competition for the Taichung Golden Care Awards is fierce every year, partic螢幕擷取畫面 2024-05-02 115941ularly in the Group Excellence C Site category, which had six finalists. Achieving this recognition within just four years of establishment was quite remarkable for the Bei-Liu Memory Station. This award not only acknowledges the station's contributions but also validates the dedication of its long-term care service providers. The station pledges to continue its efforts to serve local elderly residents diligently, aiming to enhance the quality of dementia care services and expand its capacity to serve more dementia patients in the future.

Dean Wu mentioned that the Bei-Liu Community Development Association has been deeply involved in community development efforts in the Bei-Liu area for many years. Chairman Sen-Rong Lin has been particularly dedicated to managing the station and actively connecting with external resources. As the elderly residents in the alley station continued to age and their cognitive functions declined, eventually leading to dementia diagnoses, Chairman Lin proposed the establishment of a dementia care and support center, giving rise to the Bei-Liu Memory Station. Providing dedicated service, care, and companionship to dementia patients has been a challenging endeavor. It is indeed an honor for the Bei-Liu Memory Station to stand out in the Taichung Golden Care Awards, and it is hoped that this recognition will draw more attention to dementia care issues in society and assist more local dementia patients.

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