Asia University is hosting the "Creating the Future: Generative AI Creative Competition

  • 2024-03-15
  • 人社院工讀生
“The total prizes amount to NT$387,000, with the grand prize being NT$100,000. University students nationwide and worldwide, as well as high school teachers and students, are cordially  welcome to participate in the event.”

Committed to cultivating AI talents, Asia University, Taiwan, has organized the "Creating the Future: 2024 Asia Generative AI Creative Competition."  The competition is divided into five groups: Creative Arts Group, Logical Thinking Design Group, Problem Solving Group, Concept Design Group, and High School Group, with prizes totalling NT$387,000. Online registration is open from now until June 6th, 2024. Students from universities nationwide and worldwide, as well as high school teachers and students, are welcome to participate, advancing the generative creativity of AI. Participants have the chance to win the grand prize of NT$100,000.

Prof. Shian-Shyong Tseng, Vice President and Dean of the College of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at Asia University, stated that Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is rapidly changing creativity, design thinking, and teaching. Generative AI has become a powerful tool for providing innovative, creative, and diverse solutions. Asia University has designated 2024 as the "Year of Generative AI" and is organizing this competition to stimulate and explore the latest developments in generative AI. The aim is to bring revolutionary changes to learning, application, and knowledge for university students and high school students nationwide and worldwide. Asia University will continue to harness the power of AI to enhance the potentials of production, government, academia, and research.

Prof. Tseng pointed out that this competition has been jointly organized with the Taichung City Education Bureau, China Medical University, and the "China -Asia United University" and medical system, as well as the Association of Principals of Senior High Schools in the Republic of China (Taiwan). It has also received attention and sponsorship from technology industry companies, including Amazon AWS, Foxconn, Juzhen Corporation, Far EasTone Telecommunications, Lite-On Technology, 1111 Job Bank, Taiwan XR Intelligent Industry Development Association, and Invincible Technology.

The university group competition categories include: 1) Creative Arts Group, such as visual arts, music and performance, crafts, and film; 2) Logical Thinking Design Group, focusing on programming, Internet of Things, and big data applications; 3) Problem Solving Group, focusing on problem-solving methods and effectiveness in professional fields, student learning, and practical cases; 4) Concept Design Group, focusing on the basic concepts, characteristics, and functions of the work, and conducting design on functionality, characteristics, and user experience. The high school group competition is not divided into groups.

Vice President Tseng said that the competition is open to teams of 1 to 3 students, who will creatively apply generative AI tools in their respective professional fields and present their work results in the form of electronic posters and explanatory videos. The registration deadline is June 6th, 2024. The judging panel will select winners for each group, including a gold prize of NT$10,000, silver prize of NT$8,000, bronze prize of NT$5,000, and a popularity prize of NT$2,000. From these winners, a grand prize of NT$100,000, a second prize of NT$20,000, and two corporate creative awards of NT$50,000 each will be selected, with a total prize money of NT$387,000.

To encourage students to actively participate in the competition and gain a deeper understanding of the innovative applications of generative AI, Asia University will hold physical and online generative AI courses on March 9th and April 13th. Teachers will share the convenience of generative AI in teaching, and students are welcome to participate, stimulating the imagination and creating practical and educational works.
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